That’s Amore Cheese







That’s Amore Cheese is a wholesaler, deli, cafe and Italian culinary experience tucked away in the streets of the Thomastown industrial area. Having been open for just over two years, the one-stop destination for all Italian produce boasts an array of both international and local goods that will satisfy even the hungriest of stomachs.

The success story of That’s Amore started in 2004 when owner Giorgio Linguanti arrived in Australia from the Aeolian Islands near Sicily. Without speaking a word of English, he found a job at a cheese factory which ignited an unexpected passion. From there, the rest is history.

Today, That’s Amore is known for their famous cheese wheels and cannoli stands at market hotspots across Melbourne. But these produce masters are taking the market by storm by offering the freshest and best priced meals you’ll find around town plus much more.

Stock-up at the That’s Amore grocery store safe in the knowledge all products are sourced direct from Italy or high-end local Victorian suppliers. Everything from cured meats, olives, pasta and cooking essentials are on offer. Try out a sample or two from the diverse deli which boasts the same traditional meats and cheese you’d find in Italy.

But most importantly, make the trip to Thomastown for L’Angolo Della Nonna, the famous cafe section of That’s Amore. With a rotating menu based on seasonal produce, the kitchen are able to keep their affordable, wholesale prices from factory to shop-front.

That’s Amore breakfast is everything you’d want in a cafe menu with a Sicilian twist. Try ricotta stuffed tomatoes, ricotta scrambled eggs or baked eggs with scamorza and Napoli sauce, all served with traditional crusty bread.

If you’re looking for a feast with friends or just can’t decide what to choose, the That’s Amore antipasto plate is a journey around the regions of Italy and an explosion of flavour combinations. With a helping selection of cured meats and cheese, you’ll be a pro in no time.

The specials board offer lunch deals like slow-cooked porchetta, cooked with fresh herbs. It’s a simple yet satisfying pick-me-up you won’t be able to resist. With Christmas creeping up quickly, the kitchen takes orders so you can have that same, perfectly-cooked pork belly featured on your dining table for everyone to enjoy.

With freshly-made pizza and pasta staples always a necessity, enjoy a sit-down meal like the zucchini, marscepone and salted ricotta gnocchi. Served with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon rind, it comes straight off the pan and onto the plate. Or, explore Italian delicacies like an arancini, parmigiana or served of roasted vegetables.

The love of food doesn’t stop there for That’s Amore. The passionate and experience Italian chefs, offer focused cheese making classes; the perfect gift for someone ready to take their culinary experience to the next step.

Spend the day making mozzarella, bocconcini and ricotta to take home, as well as trying them in a meal for yourself in the included lunch. The class fills up quickly though, so make sure you book in advance.

With exciting renovation plans in the pipeline, That’s Amore are excited to reveal they will be running cooking masterclasses in the near future, teaching you how to deliver Italian-style meals for your friends and family using fresh cheese produce.

Don’t leave That’s Amore Cheese without taking home some of their famous Sicilian cannoli. This slice of Italy in the heart of Melbourne is definitely not one to miss.

Featured in Beat Eats Spring/Summer 2017

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