Good Morning: Glory/Shawcross

After teasing fans with bite-sized pieces of addictive dreamy rock, local duo Good Morning have finally re-released their EPs Glory and Shawcross, in one delicious full album. Their hazy, lo-fi signature can be heard through all 13 delectable tracks, offering the soundtrack to both a dreary winter’s day in Melbourne and a sunny Californian road trip.

Good Morning have well and truly broken free from simply writing feel-good music in the comfort of Melbourne suburbia. Now, they are producing tracks with a cool, calm and uniquely dark take on the shoegaze sound, attracting attention from all around the globe.

Lead tracks Cab Deg, Once You Know and Warned You are all present, as well as six bonus singles for fans to sink their teeth into, which glimpse at earlier recordings. You and On The Street are two hauntingly beautiful tracks that resemble the first moments of waking up from a dream, in the best possible way.

It is the duality and range of Good Morning – who produce the same simple yet hypnotic sound time and time again, without sounding formulaic – which makes the release of this backlog of music more exciting than ever.

Published in Beat Magazine:

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