By The Meadow

Tucked away in the rolling, grassy hills of Bambra, you’ll find By The Meadow. Using some of Australia’s finest flora as a backdrop, the regional gathering – located just a few hours away from Melbourne – gave the festival herd an endless amount of music goodness to graze on all weekend long.


With a perfect blend of local community members, live music lovers and pure partygoers attending, everything from glitter to gumboots and flannelette pyjamas were on show.

In every corner (or tree) you turned, everyone seemed to know each other and before you knew it, strangers were joined together, singing along, sharing tinnies and watching the glorious sun set.


set expectations for the night sky high with a huge set that provided crowd favourite after crowd favourite. With nearly hour long sets to play around with, lead singer Cosima Jaala used every moment to captivate the crowd, and have a good old laugh in between.


Brisbane babies Moses Gunn Collective graced the stage with blonde wigs and matching brown clothes, resembling something your Mum would’ve worn in the ‘70s. Playing well known, singalong tracks and newer tunes like Spook City and Dream Girls, they were the perfect vibe to get the Saturday night started.


As the temperate started to drop, Melbourne’s own Banoffee offered a cool and collected mix of synth sounds and vocals. Wearing all-white and doused in an icy blue light, the artist had the company of back-up dancers on stage. While dealing with a few technical difficulties, she told crowds of her upcoming and emotional move to America.


Baro picked up the pace later in the evening, teaching the eager crowd lyrics and calling on them to singalong. The 20-year-old paced the stage casually, offering catchy hits like Bears and wdubi, as well as some new experiments. The addition of a live band backing his smooth rhymes meant even a crowd unfamiliar with hip hop found themselves bopping along.


An unprecedented buzz of energy began to emerge as festival goers anticipated the highly acclaimed Confidence Man, who have been taking the live music scene by storm. With the tiny stage bursting at the seams with smoke and coloured lights, the lead duo appeared offering a full blown disco party for the dance pit in its full capacity.


As the later hours of the night rolled over, crowds kept on grooving or took to cosy patches of grass with a blanket, snack and their buddies to enjoy the chilled electronic sets that ran into the early morning hours. With the stars above and fresh smell of farmland in the air, the only thing missing was a huge bonfire for punters and their new pals to sit around and enjoy, in true regional spirit.

Image and words by Julia Sansone

Highlight: The atmosphere, somewhere between a pyjama party and camping trip with your best mates.
Lowlight: Scary looking wasps camping on the grass.
Crowd Favourite: Moses Gunn Collective’s rendition of My Little Pony as the sun set.

Originally published in Beat Magazine.

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