Shots Fired To Save Pigs


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Shots fired to save pigs
by Julia Sansone
26th June, 2015
ABC News

Tensions between animal activist group Melbourne Pig Save and the Department Of Primary Industries have risen prior to the upcoming Melbourne Pig Save rally on Saturday 30th May.

MPS co-founder Paul Mahony has described the meat industry as ‘full of double standards’, criticising the Prevention of Cruelty Act for claiming it has exemptions in favour of animal agriculture.

Several exemptions to the legislation allow physical harm to be made, including cutting tails, notching teeth, clipping ears and confining pigs in restricted sows.

‘How can they possibly say the exemptions don’t allow for cruelty to occur?’ Mahony said.

Department Of Primary Industries Gippsland regional representative Simon Dalton said the DPI are in accordance with the statement of Australian Pork Ltd. on the issue, which recognises a diversity of opinions on the industry about sow housing.

‘The science in this area is not definitive,’ the ALP statement has said.

Paul Mahony has said the regular MLP protests at Bourke Street Mall aim to ‘change the mindset of the consumer’ and provide factual knowledge to the public on the treatment of pigs.

‘Most people don’t know you can mutilate a pig without any pain relief,’ Mahony said. ‘Facts have a lot of strength for themselves.’

Former High Court Justice Hon Michael Kirby is in favour of the removal of sows in Victoria.

‘There is an urgent need for a national ban on sow stalls,’ he said.

Malcolm Caulfield, author of the 1991 Australian Reform Journal has described the pig industry in Australia as ‘relatively small.’

In 2004-05 just over 5 million pigs were slaughtered, representing a value of about 7% of the value of all livestock slaughterings.

‘These laws are for the good of farmers and others who make money out of animals.’

The Melbourne Pig Save rally will begin at midday on Saturday where animal lovers will interact with flyers, petitions and banners with the aim to inform passers-by on the plight of pigs in the Australian industry.

‘This is not something that just happens in America or Asia,’ Mahony said. ‘This is happening every day, widespread in Australia.’

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