Manchester Press Review

Another café tucked away in the veins of the heart that is Australia’s coffee capital is a place called Manchester Press.

The lane located off Elizabeth Street in Melbourne is surprisingly easy to find once you know where it is and is quickly distinguishable by scattered plants and stickered wall art.
As you make your way down what appears to be just another alleyway, you’ll come across a minimalistic little sign that could be fooled for a loading dock and glass sliding doors – that’s when know you’ve found yet another café that has to be discovered to be known of.

10+ indie points to you!

The interior of the place is fantastic. An obvious refurbished warehouse or some kind of double-story factory, the place oozes a fresh and open atmosphere with hanging lights, brickwork, white walls and mismatched stained wooden tables and chairs.

Pieces of cartoon-type artwork sets an interesting conversation for your wait to find a table or grab a coffee to go. The ‘waiting list’ fill in form on the side of the entrance tells me that you definitely don’t want to be there at peak hour unless you’re willing to wait! However, this just reveals how trendy and successful the place is.
On my experience around 9am Monday morning, service was very friendly and quick and I loved the plentiful servings of food and good coffee.

Only ordering a bagel and mocha I wished I ordered more – I saw delicious and huge breakfast options such as muesli parfait and avo smash on toast that definitely looked worth the money.
The venue takes EFTPOS which is a rarity for coffee shops like this so kudos to the café with being up to date with 21st century people like me that always forget to carry around cash.

Manchester Press – blink and you’ll miss it!

Great for:
– Trying somewhere new
– A special occasion brunch
– Great atmosphere to converse with friends or to get inspired
– Fantastic coffee art
– Central location in the CBD

Not so great for:
– Getting coffee in a run – you might be waiting!
– Every day meals – it could get pricey

8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne

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This week WOTS loves… Manchester Press

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