Me. Body Scrub

‘Me.’ Body Scrub is a proudly Australian coffee body scrub brand who focus on making 100% organic products that smell good, feel amazing on your skin and are just as amazing on the environment. Me. is all about loving yourself and giving your body the nourishment it deserves!


Today there are so many body scrub and beauty brands competing against one another, trying to decide which brand to purchase is often a difficult task. Having tried several body scrubs myself, I have always found that there is something missing. Whether this be a particular ingredient in the scrub, the ridiculous price or the fact that their products are not sourced from Australia. Many products today also can be tested on animals and this is a huge no no!


So, why Me. Body Scrub?
Me. not only sources all its ingredients from Australian Organic Suppliers (Support Australian business!) they also most definitely do not test on animals. Packed with all the essentials, the scrub is pretty much every product you would love to use on your skin, blended together conveniently in a beautiful 200g package!

The ingredients in Me. include:
Organic Coffee – helping to combat cellulite and create smooth, firmer skin
Organic Sugar – an amazing and non invasive exfoliant for all parts of the body
Dead Sea Salt –  stimulates blood circulation in the skin and deal with acne
Coconut Oil – an awesome ingredient to hydrate all parts of the body; skin, hair and nails!
Macadamia Oil, Almond Oil, Apricot Oil – all gentle products rich in vitamins, balancing the skin PH levels and moisturising the skin without blocking its pores!

Me. also has Orange Essence which is a beautifully unique addition to the body scrub, giving it a fantastic aromatic smell. Citrus smells do absolute wonders for the body and the mind. When I smell Me. I feel fresh, clean, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.


Me. Body Scrub is pretty much the king of body scrubs on the market. Its most impressive element is how they have combined all of their incredible ingredients in such a seemingly effortless way. Many other body scrub brands sell different ‘flavours’ which is an annoying marketing scheme to get people to buy the whole range… Meaning more money and less results. Me. are a honest, straightforward brand that want to give you the best quality product for beautiful skin from the moment it arrives on your doorstep!


My Me. scrub has a perfect spot in my bathroom amongst some of my favourite skin and hair products. The scrub is honestly for any occasion – whether you want a relaxing pamper at home or you’re looking for a refreshing glow on your body before heading out. The mixture feels and looks great on the skin and being made out of salt and sugar, I noticed it was much easier to clean out of the shower or bath and left less stains.


Me. recommends sampling a small amount on your skin before using it over all parts of your body. I have super sensitive skin and I am allergic to things such as sunscreens and insect repellents and soaps which contain heaps of nasty, unnatural chemicals. I had no issue at all with Me. and could use it anywhere on my body, including my face!
After that feel free to hop in the shower, rub the me body scrub all over, focussing on any problematic areas and leave for 3-5 minutes. This is so that all the ingredients can do their magic with your skin and give you the best result – a silky soft, glowing and hydrated complexion.


Another thing that I love about Me. is the way they promote natural beauty. The experience of using a body scrub is all about feeling beautiful about the skin you’re in, even if its ‘al naturale’!
After using Me. it is definitely the body scrub product I will live by for its brilliant quality, natural ingredients and most of all, the quick and free shipping around Australia!
I have happily hopped on the body scrub band wagon and I don’t think I’ll be getting off any time soon.

You can shop for Me. body scrub here,
Also be sure to check them out and take a selfie for the @mebodyscrub Instagram!

Until next time,

The Sansberry xxx

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