Week Four: Funch With Family

Funch is a Melbourne wholesome superfood business started by two Mums, with the aim to create something that is not only good for you, but tastes good and can be eaten by all. Whether it be in the lunchbox for kids, on-the-go snacks for busy parents or shared with friends around a cup of tea, Funch protein power balls and bars are for all those health nuts, gluten and dairy intolerant, vegans and everyone in between! The pre-prepared mixes are packed with all the essentials that you need for a hearty snack, as well as ensuring less work is spent making food, and more time is spent doing the things that you love.
I am super excited to announce that I will be partnering up with Funch for the next couple of weeks and showing you just how delicious their products are. Each week I will be making a flavour of their products, all of which you can buy online, as well as demonstrating how easily they fit onto all aspects of life!

Week 4: Funch With Family

Hey guys!

I have spent the past week or so with my family in Sydney, NSW as well as travelling down the beautiful East Coast and checking out all the sights. I hope everyone had a well rested easter and most importantly, a well fed one too!

11099803_10205103967893829_179110570_oStriking a Toyota-styled pose at Bulli Beach in NSW

This weeks Funch adventure was definitely one I was very nervous about! I come from an Italian background, and as you can imagine the food is AMAZING. At every family gathering there is an abundance of fresh, homemade food and this year, I was going to contribute something to the table; my Funch balls of course! I was really curious to see how a product so beneficial would integrate into a family who could probably bake delicious desserts for a living.

FUNCH4Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate… Yep, its Easter!

Coffee and Italians go hand in hand so this week I thought it would be most appropriate to try the Coffee + Chia Protein Power Balls. In this recipe, ground coffee is included in the mix along with the usual Funch suspects; Raw Pea Protein Powder, Raw Organic Cacao Power and Desiccated Coconut.

Funch uses Raw Pea Protein Powder in all of their products, but what exactly makes it better than an ordinary protein powder such as Whey or Whey Concentrate?
Raw Pea Protein Powder is a raw, alkaline and plant based protein that does not contain the artificial fillers, additives or artificial sweeteners that other sources of protein may have. From personal experience other proteins can result in bloating and feeling run down rather than receiving the vital nutrients you require and expect when you put protein into your body! This protein is also egg, dairy, gluten and vegan friendly, making it completely clean. The protein that Funch uses is extracted from non-GMO Canadian Yellow Split Peas, which is low in G.I, rich in amino acids, easy to digest and in simple, a best friend for your body!


Before the protein balls were even made they were proving themselves a hit in my family. My partner Michael assisted me in the process by doing the dishes (licking the bowl clean) and rolling them in Coconut (also eating some in the process!) My first official taste tester was my Uncle who loves nothing more than coffee and dark chocolate, so it was truly a success. My Nonna also is pretty sensitive with what she eats so she loved snacking on these whilst watching some TV.

IMG_9668-2The all important action shot.
IMG_9673-2Caught in the act!

Easter Sunday rolled around and my precious little Melbourne Funch balls were sitting amongst an array of cakes, biscuits, fruit and every dessert in between! Regardless, they appeared to disappear quickly, especially when the coffee was served.

FUNCH4-2Coffee and Funch… A match made in heaven! 

It was great to see my family enjoy something different and much lighter to the cakes we make, which are undeniably delicious but impossible to each too much of! Whenever Funch is served to a group of people they seem to vanish into thin air which is both my favourite and least favourite thing about the product, that I never get a chance to eat many!

IMG_9710 (1)
IMG_9695-2My Mum and cousin Claudio enjoying their Funch balls!

In every Funch review I have done, I must admit, there has been someone who hasn’t liked them and I feel like I should acknowledge that. Funch definitely has an acquired taste or as I like to say, a sophisticated taste. These aren’t your average chocolate or rum balls from the supermarket packed with butters, biscuit pieces and condensed milk. However, as you have all hopefully learnt in the past few weeks, Funch is not called a superfood for nothing. Funch products are packed with so many crucial nutrients you need for your body, things that you definitely will not find in a pre made mixture from the supermarket!
Food needs to taste good, but most importantly, it is also about giving our bodies the treatment they deserve with the right things going inside of it. We all know what you put in definitely shows on the outside!

FUNCH4-3The Easter hen lays its Easter eggs!

I’m super proud to be working with such a great company that isn’t focussed on mass producing ’empty calories’ for the taste and popularity of it. Instead, the fact they have found such a great balance between taste and probably one of the most extensive lists of nutrients in one tiny little ball of chocolate is something to be celebrated! It truly reflects the new age of nutrition that we are entering where our advancing knowledge for food and its properties is helping us to create new things.

Next week is sadly my last week of the Funch adventure…
I hope to end my series of blog posts with a bang and a bunch of Funchy puns, so stay tuned!

Lots of love,

The Sansberry xx


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